SuccessFactors Business Execution Software Suite enables financial institutions to develop and retain high-performing employees and align them to the organizational strategy creating the best possible business result.

With proven success in serving more than 250 financial institutions and an industry-leading solution, SuccessFactors knows how to solve your specific workforce challenges.

Business Challenges:

The financial services industry has seen margins squeezed and losses mount in the current global economic downturn. As a result, the industry is being reshaped through broad industry consolidation, and an increase in government regulation and risk management. During these times of change, the stakes have been raised with an even greater focus being placed on executing throughout the organization. However, during volatile times, execution becomes an even greater challenge. When strategy shifts, people are often confused and may not be working on what matters most to the organization or they may be disengaged and not performing to their capabilities. Additionally, there may be increased responsibilities if your best people left because they were not shown a reason to stay or due to a significant reduction in staff—making everyone “do more with less”. In today's tough economic environment, the ability to execute is what separates the winners from everyone else. Let SuccessFactors help you eliminate the "execution gap" between strategy and results and drive true business success.

SuccessFactors Financial Services Solution

SuccessFactors Business Execution software solution enables financial institutions to:

  • Establish clear goal alignment from executive, business unit or regional, down to individual branch employees.
  • Provide managers with the tools to offer consistent and meaningful feedback making it possible for employees to meet and exceed performance expectations.
  • Instill a pay-for-performance culture leading to higher levels of employee engagement leading to greater employee retention and higher productivity.
  • Reduce recruiting costs and productivity loss by creating an internal talent pipeline to fill gaps.
  • Identify and develop key retail banking, financial advisory and any other specific skills or competencies needed to achieve company objectives.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with financial institutions of all sizes. Learn how our integrated Business Execution suite of products can help your organization.

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