The SuccessFactors Business Execution Software Suite enables energy companies to align strategic goals from top-to-bottom and develop and maintain a high-performing workforce.

SuccessFactors has an industry-leading solution with proven success in serving energy companies —we understand how to solve your workforce challenges.

Business Challenges:

The aging workforce means many longtime employees in the Energy and Utilities industries are about to retire—and, whether we like it or not, they're taking their knowledge with them. Of those who stay, many are not able to easily adapt to the sweeping business transformations taking place. As companies shift from the more traditional industrial category to dynamic and nimble R&D-oriented firms, success in talent is far from assured. Think about everything involved: culture change; demographic shift; knowledge retention; and significant cost increases for turnover and hiring. Add to that the massive organizational pressure for employee engagement, productivity and performance and it becomes obvious that managing your workforce effectively is more important than ever. Are you prepared?

SuccessFactors Energy and Chemicals Solution

The SuccessFactors Business Execution software suite enables organizations in the energy and utilities sector to:

  • Identify and develop key oil and gas, utilities or clean technology industry-specific competencies across the organization to ensure employees possess the latest skills to perform their job.
  • Establish clear goal alignment from executive, business unit or regional, to front-line employees.
  • Provide consistent and meaningful feedback to accelerate employee development and drive business execution.
  • Quickly fill talent gaps from within, reducing the productivity loss, cost and risks associated with external recruiting.
  • Develop a pay-for-performance culture creating higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and retention.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with energy companies of all sizes. Learn how our integrated Business Execution suite of products can help your organization.

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