Finding a partner with business execution expertise is critical to your success. At SuccessFactors, we have successful customers of every size, in every industry. While every organization is unique and every set of challenges different, we have industry-specific solutions that can drive your business success. Learn how our solutions can help you address your business execution challenges.


Talent is everything when it comes to delivering quality patient care. We help you attract, develop, and create the bench strength to assure optimal business performance.


Research shows paying-for-performance is an effective motivational tool—by setting goals, monitoring and rewarding performance. We know how to make it work.

Energy and Chemicals

Take a look at the organizations we're working with today and you'll see: we know energy and chemicals.

Professional and Other Services

Creating a culture that reinforces ethics and client service while making sure employees know they are valued is core to your success.

Life Sciences

Faced with a shrinking global talent pool for scientists, chemists, and biologists, attracting and retaining the best is getting more important every day.


Achieve your organization's strategic mission by transforming your workforce into more motivated, accountable and productive employees.


Uncover your high performers and help engage and retain them, reducing employee turnover and improving customer satisfaction.

Financial Services

In financial services, human capital is your core asset and SuccessFactors helps you assess and cultivate it for higher performance.

High Tech

SuccessFactors is a technology company helping other technology companies—of all sizes—to recruit and retain the best talent.

Consumer Goods

No matter what your size, SuccessFactors helps consumer packaged goods companies reach optimal business success.

Government and Higher Education

Align your strategy and improve your employee performance and drive greater business execution.