Your workforce and your business needs are changing faster than ever. Having the right people in place to grow your business is critical. With SuccessFactors Succession Management, you can plan for organizational change as you assess your workforce, identify talent gaps, and nominate quality successors at all levels. Easily map every move, create new department hiring plans, and give employees visibility into the future of their careers.

  • Build bench strength: Gain visibility into your existing talent pools, identify potential gaps, and proactively train and develop employees for key positions.
  • Increase visibility: Use the Succession Org Chart to see the talent depth across your entire organization, identify key positions, and assess the risk of loss and the impact of turnover.
  • Gain valuable insight: With Employee Scorecard, you can better understand employee backgrounds, expertise, performance, and career aspirations.
  • Uncover hidden talent: Move beyond your immediate sphere using comprehensive search criteria.
  • Model your moves: With the Succession Lineage Chart, you can see the domino effect that takes place if a high-level succession plan is put into action.
Bank of Butterfield

Bank of Butterfield

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