Improve the effectiveness of your sales team by helping them share expertise and connect with key deal influencers throughout your organization. Jam makes it easy for sales reps to collaborate with one another — and with experts across your company — on sales opportunities, customers, and key initiatives.

  • Accelerate the pipeline with fast access to experts and sales materials.
  • Qualify deals better and make smarter decisions by harnessing the collective wisdom of your organization.
  • Increase deal sizes by continuously engaging with customers and partners.

Decrease the time your salespeople waste looking for the latest information relevant to their accounts and customers. With Jam, they can quickly create groups to share and annotate documents, videos, and images — or they can collaborate using wiki pages and blog posts. They’ll be automatically notified about featured, most-viewed, most-liked, and highest-quality content — so your team can harness the best ideas, regardless of the source.

By integrating into enterprise applications from SAP, Jam adds collaboration right where your sales teams work. Groups for collaboration can be launched directly from within SAP CRM and SAP Cloud for Sales. That means productivity is continuous and uninterrupted, and reps can work within the context of sales pipeline and customer service processes.

The backbone of a successful sales organization is a strong, repeatable sales process — and Jam embeds the right content, deep expertise, and key influencers into your company’s core business processes. Your sales team will be more prepared, more nimble, and more connected than ever — helping them meet the challenge of socially connected, digitally armed customers who have exponentially more choices.

Learn more about how to share expertise and content in Jam, how Jam connects employees, and which systems integrate with Jam.