Make your workplace smarter by sharing how to, what works, and what’s new. Jam includes easy-to-use tools for video and screen capture, and it has a complete set of social tools, including blogs, microblogging, wikis, social documents, polls, and more. Because it’s integrated with the applications and processes you use every day, you’ll get notified automatically when updates are made or new content is posted.

Video and screen recordings

With Jam, everyone can create, share, and view videos. Record a video with your webcam or mobile phone, record your screen, or upload a video that already exists. Jam publishes a video preview and lets you play back inline, full screen, or from your mobile device. Jam automatically formats your videos to be streamed securely to browsers and to mobile phones. Others can add comments and send them to colleagues via direct message.


To discover relevant content from across your organization, explore the recommendations highlighted in tiles on your home page and in your groups. Recommendations are personalized based on the people and groups you follow and show you the most-viewed, most-liked, and featured content. They help you find high-quality, popular content fast, so you don’t have to wade through a long list of irrelevant updates.

First-time wizard

If you’re new to Jam or to your organization, Jam will recommend people in your company to connect with, and it will explain why it has recommended them. It’ll also suggest groups to follow based on information stored in your profile and people you’ve decided to follow.

Structured work tools

Drive action with tools that help you collect feedback and drive decisions in your organization:

  • Dynamic agenda: Create an agenda collectively for an offsite or customer meeting.
  • Pro/con table: Collect options from your team and identify pros and cons for each.
  • Ranking: Collect ideas or requirements from your team and rank them by voting.
  • Consensus: Present a proposal and determine the level of buy-in.
  • Decision: Propose a decision and ask your team to sign off on it.


Quickly communicate critical information to a broad audience and receive timely responses. Share news, ideas, documents, questions, and status updates; others within your organization can review, reply, comment, or simply indicate that they "like" your post. You can also add files, photos, links, and tasks to your updates.


Use the wiki to publish pages that multiple people may need to edit. You’ll be able to use rich text formatting, embed tables, images, and videos, and see a complete revisions history. When a wiki page changes, everyone following the wiki is automatically notified.

Social documents

Easily upload and share files of all kinds. Without downloading the document, your co-workers can view and comment inside most business documents, including Microsoft Office, .rtf, .csv, .pdf, and other file types. You can upload new versions and track comments. All content and comments are indexed for search and discovery.


When you have more than just a quick question or a brief status update, a structured conversation may suit your objectives better. Start a discussion to begin an exchange of ideas around a specific topic.


Get feedback from people in your organization. Because they’re integrated directly into your organization’s social network, Jam polls have higher rates of participation than email polls. Polls can be made visible across groups or across your entire company, allowing others to see when people vote and encouraging them to vote as well.


Share a link with your co-workers in Jam — when you post it, Jam will generate a preview of the Web page to appear in the activity feed.


To share photos in Jam, upload the file from your desktop or your mobile device. You might publish a picture from a company event and tag other employees, or share a snapshot of the whiteboard from a meeting to post for others working remotely to view and participate.


The blog tool is ideal for communicating thoughts longer than a few sentences. Illustrate your ideas by embedding images, video, and links with the rich-text editor. Blogs are integrated with microblogging, so it's easy for others to post feedback and comments.


Coordinate activities across your company or group by using tasks. Clearly articulate objectives and assign work with deadlines. Reminders and alerts help keep everyone on track.

Chat rooms

Use Jam's built-in chat tool as a real-time conference room where users can participate in a conversation anytime. Chat transcripts are stored for later reference.

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