SuccessFactors connects your people strategy to your business strategy.

It’s not enough simply to drive efficiency throughout Human Resources. You’ve got to drive it through your entire employee population. You’ve got to connect your people strategy to the business strategy to drive the business results your organization needs.

You need more than a complete talent management suite. You need actionable analytics: analytics embedded with key business data, benchmarks, and best practices. You need a next-generation core HR system that ties it all together. You need a platform that makes it social and mobile — in the cloud. And, you need it now. No integration needed. No hardware needed. No hassle. No fuss. You need it ready to go, straight out of the box.

SuccessFactors drives real business results by ensuring organizational alignment, optimizing people performance, and building competitive advantages with greater workforce insights.

Organizational alignment guarantees that you’re driving in the right direction, that your people are doing the right work to execute on today’s business strategy. Putting hundreds or even thousands of employees on the same page to create the best possible business results requires a synchronized effort. SuccessFactors can help you do that.

However, knowing the right thing to do is not enough. SuccessFactors also bridges the gap between strategy and execution by optimizing people productivity. We give you the tools to hire, reward, and develop the right people with the right skills to grow your business.

Business execution: The difference between being ordinary and extraordinary

But what really makes SuccessFactors unique is its ability to deliver sustainable competitive advantages. Robust workforce analytics and planning brings together talent and business data, and combined with our next-generation core HR solution, they improve executive insight and decision-making, allowing organizations to align human capital investments with the strategy and needs of the business.

Only SuccessFactors gives you the talent solutions, core HR, collaboration tools, and workforce analytics you need to produce, measure, and continuously improve your business results through people, every day.

SuccessFactors scales to meet the needs of the largest organizations and the smallest. Our solutions for small businesses are cloud-based, affordable, easy to implement, and capable of growing with your organization.

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