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With SuccessFactors Professional Edition, you can see your people like never before, improving visibility and efficiency and transforming your business. Take a guided tour that introduces small businesses under 200 employees to the performance and goal management tools that help companies just like yours grow and succeed.

Custom Home Page
Create an engaging and immersive experience for your team.
Customize your home page with company information, including important tasks, deadlines — even your core values and company logo.

Goal Management
Align employee efforts with your company strategy.
Give them goals that keep them focused on what matters most.
  • Goal Wizard makes it easy to write effective SMART goals.

  • Goal Library lets you access pre-written SMART goals categorized by common departments and positions.

  • Cascade Goals to align and track progress by individual, team, or organization with a single click.
Performance Management
Improve the quality of feedback. Produce actionable reviews in less time.
  • Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor help managers and employees describe performance more clearly and appropriately

  • Team Rater allows managers to assess and compare their employees’ performance on a single screen to ensure fair ratings and faster reviews.

  • 360 Reviews delivers collaborative feedback and assessments from peers or outside participants.
Company Info
Gain the visibility you need.
Create a live organization chart featuring easy-to-read reporting lines and team structure.
Employee Files
Access employee files filled with backgrounds, skills, and certifications.
it’s never been easier to know your talent and to harness your team’s capabilities.
Generate and share insights on performance levels and internal processes quickly and easily.
Talent Dashboards let you analyze data with clear visibility so you can see where you’re succeeding and where you need support.

  • Talent Dashboards let you analyze data with clear visibility into where you’re succeeding and where you need support.

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