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Destination Hotels & Resorts

Executing SuccessFactors integrated talent management platform was a key building block in linking strategy, execution, and talent.

Robert Mellwig, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Destination Hotels & Resorts

Success Story: Destination Hotels & Resorts


Transportation and Logistics



Execution Gap

By 2014, Destination forecast an expansion that would employ over 16,000 people in 48 locations. To accommodate this rapid growth Destination needed to address the following challenges:

  • Talent management systems and processes disjointed and untenable
  • Compensation programs lacked the ability to ensure fairness and retain top talent
  • Employee development planning was non existent

SuccessFactors Solution

Destination chose SuccessFactors’ SaaS system because it clearly provided access to greater technology at lower costs. With the right technology in hand, Destination is now able to:

  • Improved accuracy, decision-making and controls of limited compensation dollars
  • Alignment and visibility of goal setting throughout the organization
  • Enhanced reporting and visibility into the organization

Business Results

Destination implemented SuccessFactors and achieved the following business results:

  • Improved retention of key talent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Lowered cost basis to manage HR technology