Lars has an undying passion to release the magic of every person in and outside the workplace.
1 Tower Place, Suite 1100
South San Francisco, CA
(650) 645-2000
Lars Dalgaard
Founder and Cloud Special Advisor
Born: Aarhus, Denmark
years worked and lived in usa: 16
years working and lived in europe: 28
Languages spoken: English, German, Italian, and French (fluent); Dutch, Spanish, and Swedish (conversant)

The company’s employees built SuccessFactors into the category king of Cloud People Management, and received top rating and rankings by Gartner, Forrester and IDC consistently for the decade, and grew the company 100% CAGR for the first 7 years and approximately 75% for the first decade. SuccessFactors was the second largest revenue Cloud company when it was bought. The company is known for disrupting all categories, providing its users and customers with total workforce impact, from picking, grooming and paying talent at a fraction of the existing cost, and with beautiful user-experiences in 177 countries, 37 languages to 27 million paying users in the Cloud.

Lars founded SuccessFactors in the middle of the worst tech crisis in history (inc’d May 2001), ran it cash flow positive the first 2 years, and SAP bought it for $3.6B, 10 years later @ 11X on sales, and 56% premium to last trading day, one of the top 1% returns of the decade. SuccessFactors’ stock outperformed Apple’s the 17 quarters it was public.

SAP cloud has gone from $20M to $1B in run rate the first year, offering beautiful, and deep products in all relevant business areas from People, Suppliers, Money and Customers. The attrition rate of the SuccessFactors team has been cut in half, providing exceptional personal growth opportunities, and dramatic acceleration of product roadmap as well as increasing customer win-rates, and attention to customer success.

Lars was chosen as “Best CEO of a Large Company” in the 2010 San Francisco Business Times Innovation and Technology Awards, and E&Y “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2009. Mr. Dalgaard holds a Bsc. (Ha) from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and a M.S. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow.

In May 2013, Lars joined the venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz as a general partner. He continues to serve as an advisor to SAP Cloud.

Prior to SuccessFactors, Lars held positions with Unilever and Novartis for five years and three years, respectively, in five different countries (Germany, Switzerland, USA, Holland, and Denmark), with roles in global M&A, Corporate Finance and Controlling, Sales, running a global business unit, and was a local company CEO, consolidating five acquisitions into one company that gained 80 percent market share.