Helping our clients focus their efforts to ensure their workforce effectively delivers on the company’s business goals.

Running a successful company requires two things done very well:

  1. Setting an effective corporate or operational strategy—figuring out what your people need to do to succeed

  2. Business execution—getting your people to actually do it

Business execution requires alignment of core capabilities and workforce management so you have the right people in the right place doing the right things the right way. Helping our clients achieve business execution value from implementing SuccessFactors is a major focus of our Strategic Consulting Services group. We put the adoption of best practices and a partnership with our customers at the heart of our approach. And, everything we do is based upon an uncompromising focus on quality that’s designed to maximize executive engagement and adoption to drive your organization’s business execution to its peak performance.

Our Strategic Consulting Services team can help you:

  • Define and communicate a talent and performance management strategy that effectively conveys the purpose and value of the new tools, methods and processes being deployed to support more effective talent management.

  • Shape and deploy messaging, role modeling, accountability metrics and training required to ensure people effectively adopt and utilize the technology.

  • Leverage SuccessFactors technology and data to help you better understand, align, and motivate your workforce to achieve business goals.

Our Strategic Consulting Services team will help you think through the strategies required to execute on your business objectives. We’ll assist you in creating the architecture necessary to support your strategy, including building out processes, capabilities and metrics.

Whether the answer is a single topic-specific workshop or a comprehensive global capability roadmap project, we will work hand-in-hand with you to provide ongoing support ensuring your long-term success by allowing you to extract the full value from your SuccessFactors solution.

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